Rock Band Journey May Break Up Because Some Members Visited Trump White House (VIDEO)


Journey, the iconic rock band known for hits like “Don’t Stop Believin'” and “Lights,” became a household name in the Reagan era. They may cease to exist in the Trump era because members of the band visited his White House.

Journey has long had a policy of not mixing their music with politics of any kind. When they were invited by President Obama to visit the White House last year, the band refused.

However, things changed after President Donald Trump took office. Pastor Paula White, who is one of President Trump’s spiritual advisors, is also married to Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain. It was inevitable that an invitation would be extended to the band through Cain, and he accepted.

Guitarist Neal Schon, who founded the band and is the only founding member left, was not told of the invitation. Knowing he would not approve, Cain appeared to keep him in the dark, and went to the White House with lead singer Arnel Pineda and bassist Ross Valory. Pineda reportedly posted video of the visit on his Facebook, only to delete it later. Once the pictures and video of the visit hit the media, Schon was furious. Although he professes a belief in God and said his opposition is not with Trump personally, he nevertheless went off on the other band members via Twitter.

Spin Magazine has more details.

Three members of Journey made a visit to Donald Trump’s White House, meeting with press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and posing for photos with staffers. If you’re the type who’s not ashamed to belt out “Faithfully” when it blasts regally forth from a wedding DJ’s P.A. speakers, perhaps you were a little disappointed with the classic rock survivors for aligning themselves with the president. But there’s no way you were as bummed as Journey guitarist and founder Neal Schon himself.

Schon, who has always been 100%JRNY and made the right choices, was notably absent from the West Wing appearance. As an impressively thorough blog post at Ultimate Classic Rock points out, he has spent the last several days in a spasm of social media updates, expressing his displeasure with the situation and implying that it might mean the end of the band.

Check out Schon’s angry tweets.

Here is a video report providing more details.

Schon later said the other members were trying to hijack Journey, and vowed that he would not leave the band. He even implied that as founding member, the band is his, and he could do whatever he wanted over who is in the band.

Schon said he is even responsible for the other members coming into the band. He absolutely recruited Pineda, who replaced Steve Perry as lead vocalist. Schon saw a video on YouTube of Pineda singing Journey songs in the Philippines, and his voice matched Perry’s on an almost creepy level. Schon invited Pineda to be the lead singer, after Perry left the band for health issues.

His fellow band members have yet to comment on the matter.

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