High School BAN on the American Flag Immediately BLOWS UP In Their Face After What Students Just Did

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All across the nation, there has been a war against our history—a war against our heritage, a war against our culture, and a war against our people.

Thousands of Antifa scum have already begun violently removing confederate statues, banning the American flag, and erasing the civil war from our history books. Conservatives have erupted in protest, attempting to quell the Orwellian actions of the left, but any and all resistance is met with violence.

We’ve seen this at the Charlottesville riots, where hundreds of far right protesters, although intimidating, did not break any laws. They surrounded the statue of Robert E. Lee in an act of protest against the censorship of our history, and despite having a permit, they were shut down by Antifa scum who were there illegally.

President Trump has tried his best to fight this creeping Marxism, but the power in this country is divided amongst many people. While Donald Trump’s victory has been an incredible one to say the least, the real changes will come when people take their country back into their own hands.

…and that’s what has just happened after a Minnesota high school decided to ban the confederate flag. Rocori High School, home of the Spartans, had instituted the ban on ALL flags to keep the confederate flag from being displayed after students were caught having it on their trucks in the parking lot. —big mistake.

Within a matter of days, dozens of parents and students rallied together, in order to protest this unjust violation of our first amendment rights. In response, the school has officially decided to reverse their ban on the American flag—now, it may fly free. The confederate flag, as well as any other flag, remains banned.

Fox News reports:

A Minnesota high school has reversed its controversial flag ban after a protest.

Approximately 30 students and parents gathered at the Rocori High School parking lot Wednesday afternoon, proudly flying American flags on their cars and trucks.

The school, which is located in Cold Spring, Minnesota, put the ban on all flags in place last spring to prevent students from displaying the Confederate flag.

The new guideline in the student handbook said: “Students are not allowed to display flags or banners from their vehicle while parked in the Rocori High School parking lot.”

After the demonstration, the school agreed to allow American flags, but it won’t allow other flags that might cause other students to feel “threatened, uncomfortable or unsafe.”

While the principal has back tracked, and tried to claim that the ban was only over the “Confederate flag,” the new guideline wa 100% clear. It completely prohibits “flags or banners,” from being hung on their vehicles, while parked on Rocori High School property.

“My son came home from school and told me that they weren’t allowed to fly the American flag on their vehicles anymore,” said Don Ihrke, patriarch of the Ihrke family. “We just don’t think that was right, by no means at all.”

Ihrke, among many other parents, attended the protest to support their kids’ rights. “I’m here to support my son who’s making a stand,” he said. “This is his truck, and he’s proud of his truck, and he’s proud of his American flag. He has a sister who’s a sergeant in the Marine corps, and he’s proud of his sister.”

Superintendent Staska said that administrators “met with protest leaders,” on Wednesday and agreed to withdraw the new rule. Parents and students rejoiced, but the school still offered one caveat: nobody can fly the confederate flag.

While winning back their ability to fly the American flag, this is still a massive violation of our rights. The first amendment allows us to fly whatever damn flag we want, and to say whatever the hell we want, and no school has the right to take that from our children!

When the people begin to take a stand against injustice and corruption, we will reclaim our country. For too long has it been in the hands of anti-American bureaucrats who care nothing about our people, and now it’s time to take it back so that we can make America great again.

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