Rush Limbaugh: Obama is SCARED of Trump!

I’m not the biggest fan of Limbaugh, but he is the first and one of the most capable (still) of articulating conservatism and rebutting the silliness, and at times the stupidity, of the political left.

Limbaugh is right on this. If the left thought that this election is a formality and that Trump had no chance they wouldn’t be expending the kind of energy and time trying to take him down as aggressively as they have been.

Of course Obama’s critique of Trump had to be centered around how great Obama is…everything has to be about this narcissist.

On a different note, who wouldn’t give anything to have Limbaugh take it to fools like Obama face to face? I’m sure part of the reason it never happens is due to Limbaugh controlling his media exposure…but I’m sure a very very large part of it is the left doesn’t want to be beclowned by someone who has had their number for just about 30 years.

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