RUSH LIMBAUGH REACTS after Bernie Sanders AGAIN CALLS FOR VIOLENCE against Trump supporters (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders

It has only been a week since Rep. Steve Scalise was shot, along with three others, at a baseball field in Virginia in a politically-motivated hate crime. At the time, Democrats and Republicans united in a call to end inflammatory rhetoric that could incite violence.

Bernie Sanders seems to have forgotten that pledge already. And Rush Limbaugh is calling him out on it.

On Monday night, Sanders called for Democrats to “fight back in every way that you can” against Republicans. The incident occurred last night during a Facebook Live discussion Sanders held with “Big Chief Lies-A-Lot,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren. A video clip of his comments is included below.

The Alexandria shooter, James Hodgkinson, was exposed as a Bernie Sanders supporter soon after the tragedy. At the time, many insisted Sanders should not be held responsible for the shooter’s actions. Sander’s new call for violence flies in the face of that argument.

Rush Limbaugh had this to say about Sanders’ comments.

Bernie Sanders did a Facebook appearance last night in which — after the shooting of Scalise and others — Bernie Sanders is back at it encouraging his supporters to act in “unprecedented ways,” to fight back in every which way they can. You talk about tone deaf or you talk about having no concern about any of this. You talk about fueling the fire and throwing gasoline on it. Bernie Sanders has come along and done that, and he’s gonna make it very tough. He had all these people stand up, “I’m not going to hold Bernie Sanders responsible for what that shooter did!” Well, Bernie is making the case that he might want to be linked to the guy even more closely than he already is.

You know, you have an unbalanced person like James Hodgkinson and he’s driving around and he’s already filled with rage, and he’s already filled with hatred, he’s already filled with self-loathing. The guy’s got personal problems in his life. He can’t control himself. He’s undisciplined. He beats up people in his family. He is constantly enraged because that’s where his party has put him, that’s where the media has put him. The media puts him at rage and keeps him there. And Bernie Sanders comes along, “thousands of people will die.”

This is a recurring theme of the Democrats and the media, that Republican policies are going to kill people. And we’re told that we’re the ones that need to moderate. We’re told we’re the ones that need to tone it down. We’re the ones that need to keep a sense of balance. This claim about Republican policy has been made about the budget, about school lunch cuts that were phantom, that were never there.

The Republicans have been accused of wanting to kill senior citizens, of wanting to kill women, of wanting now to kill sick people. Thousands of people will die? Sorry. That is the epitome of irresponsibility. It is dangerous.

Here is the video of Sanders’ comments.

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