SAFE SPACE ALERT! The signs a liberal teacher hung in a classroom will infuriate you!

Safe space

Safe space

A picture circulating on social media shows why we now have a generation of snowflakes demanding a safe space.

The picture, taken inside an unidentified classroom, shows six signs hung by a teacher offering some politically-correct “positive reinforcement.” The teacher seems to be under the impression that such signs magically make problems go away and change the hearts of bullies. Spoiler: it doesn’t. These signs do nothing but make outside observers feel better.

The signs proclaim the following:

“Dear Black Students, In this classroom, your life matters.”

“Dear Muslim Students, You are not terrorists.”

“Dear LGBTQ+ Students, Your life is beautiful and allowed to expand past fake social rules.”

“Dear Female Students, Men cannot grab you.”

“Dear Latino(A) students, you are not rapists and drug dealers.”

“Dear Undocumented Students, in this classroom, there are no walls.” NOTE: This sign was actually posted ON A WALL.

Here’s the entire pic as seen on social media.

Safe space

Obviously, there is a real problem with bullying and harassment in schools. This is not going to solve the problem, because it does not confront the perpetrator, nor help the victim. The people who cheer these gestures are usually those who like style over substance, overtures over action, and grandstanding over leadership. For those who are actually having the problem, the signs do little good nor provide solace. Signs do not change the world; raising better children does. That is a much harder thing to do, and it is a truth people do not want to admit. So they hang signs and crawl into their safe space.

Contrary to what some might think, the signs are not about making stronger kids. It’s a passive-aggressive response to Donald Trump, nothing more. While bullying or marginalizing can be a problem, these signs are doing nothing more than creating a victim mentality. It’s an easy out for someone who doesn’t want to take the time to deal with bullying students who actually cause the problems. This is a teacher who is looking for attention and validation, and not willing to get down and dirty in reaching students.

These are teenagers and young adults, not young children who actually benefit from hearing positive reinforcement or ego boosts. If your teen feels it necessary to have these signs in a classroom, you have an immature, emotionally underdeveloped teen who cannot deal with adversity. They have far bigger problems than can be solved with a sign.

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