Sanctuary Cities, Sex-Trafficking and the Liberal Agenda

Last week the people of Lansing, Michigan had a change of heart and reversed their sanctuary city status in a City Council meeting.

The vote was 5-2 after over 70 people spoke at the meeting. Lansing was declared a sanctuary city, or a city that would not enforce federal immigration laws for people living there illegally, on April 3 by Mayor Virg Berneo.

Berneo discussed his reasoning with Tucker Carlson in an episode last week. Shortly after the television appearance, the City Council meeting was held and the sanctuary city status was revoked. Berno’s logic was ┬áridiculous and vague. He was unclear as to exactly why a sanctuary city was good for the citizens or lansing.

However, there are some very interesting reasons to have sanctuary city status, and they only serve the crinimal element.

The real question is, who would benefit the most from a sanctuary city status?

Criminals and sex traffickers benefit the most from sanctuary city status.

This idea may shock the average citizen, but cities that openly declare they will not enforce the law are inviting sex traffickers and gang members, often one in the same, to their city.

Sex trafficking needs victims. Sanctuary cities provide them.

The Polaris Project, has extensive research on the subject of human sex trafficking. While there are victims of this horrible practice of all races, including American born women and children, illegal aliens are often victims as well.

In the brothel setting the research shows:

“…victims tend to be women and to a lesser extent girls, with many victims from Latin America, particularly Mexico, and from Southeast Asia, particularly China. Sex trafficking within residences infor- mally used as brothels typically involves child victims, with boys making up a growing percentage.

In “massage parlor” settings, the victims tended to be Asian and were often run by women who had been trafficked themselves.

In ALL the cases there was extreme violence and coercion.

“Survivors are controlled through coercion, including extreme intimidation, threats of shame, isolation from the outside community, debt bondage, exploitation of communication barriers, and explicit as well as implied threats. Women are typically forced to live at the busi- ness or in another location with their movement con- trolled between work and home. Day-to-day actions tend to be monitored by a manager, who watches the store in person or off-site with a CCTV camera.”

The research also identified organized networks of individuals as the most common perpetrators of trafficking.

Translation: gang members.

Liberals, THIS is what your good intentions get you. While it would be great to think sanctuary cities are protecting people, it is not.

Human sex trafficking is real and it is becoming a sick epidemic. And sanctuary cities promote the behavior.

Sanctuary cities promote human trafficking, and abuse of illegals by exploitation with low paying “cash” jobs and promoting sex trafficking.┬áThis behavior only serves the abusers of these people.

There is no “sanctuary” for many illegals in a sanctuary city.

President Trump must come up with a humane way to deal with the over 11 million people illegally in this country. He is starting with the criminal element, the gang members and organized human sex traffickers.

Why anyone would want to interfere with this dynamic is suspect to me.

I suppose if I had a gardener, nanny and maid that I could abuse by paying them cash way below a living wage, I would promote sanctuary cities too.

Is that the real reason people want sanctuary cities? Or is it that Lansing did not want to become a sex traffickers dream?

Either way, sanctuary city status is a beacon to those who abuse illegals.

We, as a people, must put a stop to anything that promotes human sex trafficking, human work trafficking, and gang proliferation.

It is past time.

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