WATCH: Sarah Huckabee Sanders gives a verbal whooping to reporter who calls her a liar (VIDEO)

sarah huckabee sanders vs jonathan karl

Author’s note: This post mistakenly reported that Jonathan Karl was with CNN. He is with ABC, and this post has been updated accordingly.

One thing you have to hand to President Trump. Not only does he not suffer the liberal media gladly, but neither do his spokespeople. Enter Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Admittedly this is my first exposure to Sanders and “impressed as hell” would be quite an understatement. A Washington Post report out today is talking about how people are taking notice and that she could very well end up replacing Spicer.

Today’s press briefing is a pretty good example of why that could happen. Liberals everywhere are trying to hang around her neck the same “liar” millstone they fail to do with Trump himself, and she just isn’t having it.

At one point in the briefing ABC’s Jonathan Karl accuses her of “being in the dark” and basically lying about Trump’s intention to fire FBI Director Comey. After a couple of minutes of taking up more time incessantly asking questions rather than let Sanders move on she proceeds to beat him with the liberal media ugly stick.

A choice quote from that is as follows:

“The president is the only person that can fire the director of the FBI. He serves at the pleasure of the president, the president made the decision, it was the right decision. “

“the people that are in the dark today are the Democrats. They want to come out and talk about how they love Comey and how great he was, look at the facts…

She then proceeds to quote many Democrats who were against Comey before they were for him. Watch the video below to hear them all.

After that parade of liberal hypocrisy is over with she then concludes with:

In Washington we finally had something that I think we should have all been able to agree on, and that was that Director Comey shouldn’t have been at the FBI, but the Democrats want to play partisan games.”

I’ve been paying attention to politics with very little interruption since I was a teenager (so for decades) and I have to say I have never seen an administration so unafraid to stick the finger back at the press in ways they so richly deserve.

If you want to suffer through the full briefing then here you go!

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