Sarcastic Definition of the Day: The Palins



This is going to upset many fellow travelers, but it’s just the truth. My feelings on all of this, especially following her endorsement of Donald Trump, who is a RINO no matter how astonishingly hardcore his support from conservatives is, echoes Matt Walsh’s, emphasis added in bold is mine:

(A)fter riding McCain’s coat tails into prominence, she promptly abandoned her governorship to become a Fox pundit. Over the ensuing years, she did what she could to remain in the headlines, published a few books ghostwritten by someone else, all while the tabloids ate up the various soap operas involving her family. Then her daughter suddenly became a conservative spokesman for reasons that have always escaped me.

I suspected all along that she was in it more for the attention and the money than the principles. Today my suspicions are confirmed. She betrayed the grassroots and stuck a dagger in the back of Ted Cruz. Before endorsing Trump tonight, both her and her daughter viciously attacked him. There is not one conceivable legitimate reason for her to endorse Donald Trump while there are actual grassroots conservatives still in the race. This is a betrayal, plain and simple. But it’s not a surprising one.

The Palins are hoping to ride Trump back into the headlines at the expense of the conservative movement, like they did with McCain. It’s looks like they’ve succeeded.

It disgusts me, frankly, and I am damned sick and tired of alleged “conservative” champions throwing principle and values overboard all for the sake of staying in the limelight.

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