Satanists use Billboard to Lure Schoolchildren


A group of Satanists in Texas have erected a billboard as part of an outreach to children. Their mission is to stop corporal punishment in school. We’re not kidding – Satanists are concerned about kids getting paddled in school.

Springtown is a quiet Texas town northwest of Ft. Worth. Their local schools still allow corporal punishment, which is why they are now being targeted by Satanists. The Satanic Temple erected a billboard on Route 199 in Springtown sporting a pentagram and the message “Never be hit in school again. Exercise your religious rights.”

These particular Satanists insist they don’t actually worship Satan. They just like him as a role model for rebellion, however.

WFAA in Dallas reports.

“Corporal punishment — spanking or paddling the student — may be used as a discipline management technique in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct and policy FO(LOCAL) in the district’s policy manual,” according to the Springtown ISD student handbook.

The issue really flared up in 2012, after a male assistant principal spanked two female students at Springtown High School.

In a press release Thursday, Satanic Temple spokesman Lucien Greaves said the district has received “some negative attention, but not enough, in the Temple’s opinion” in the wake of the 2012 incident.

Greaves called Springtown a “barbaric backwater town” for its practice of corporal punishment in schools. He said in the release that the billboard should be “disturbing” to the city’s residents.

You read that right – Satanists are using the words “barbaric” and “disturbing” in criticizing others.

Here is video, from WFAA in Dallas.

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