The strange circumstances surrounding his death

Associate Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia could not have died in a more corrupt county than Presidio Co., Texas.

His Democratic primary challenger in the upcoming primary election, former deputy sheriff Caesar Melendez, says Dominguez is incompetent and owned-and-operated by special interests in the county.

Melendez said Dominguez violated all standard Presidio County procedures in the death of Scalia. Scalia’s room was not quarantined as a potential crime scene nor was an in-person inquest conducted.

Melendez said even dead Mexican migrants found in the desert received better treatment than Scalia. One such death last year not only involved an autopsy but the area where the migrant’s body was found was secured as a potential crime scene.

Melendez said that sudden or unattended deaths like that of Scalia are always treated as homicides until deemed otherwise from collected evidence, including, at a minimum, an eyes-on inquest. Scalia’s family requested that no autopsy be performed but Texas law requires a legitimate medical inquest, which was not conducted in Scalia’s case.

Dominguez called Presidio County judge Cinderela Guevara, who is also an elected cog in the corrupt country machine, and informed her of Scalia’s apparent death from natural causes.

Guevara was contacted after two justices of the peace were contacted to conduct an inquest into Scalia’s death.

David Beebe, JP for county precinct 1, said he was busy at a campaign forum in neighboring Brewster County. Juanita Bishop, JP for county precinct 2, said she was at a job-related event in Fort Stockton, 120 miles away from the ranch.

Beebe said there was only one funeral home in the area, Alpine Funeral Home in Alpine, Texas, a one hour drive from the ranch.
However, Melendez said there is one in Marfa, a half hour drive from the ranch, which can also embalm bodies.

Scalia’s body was inexplicably transported to El Paso in an Alpine Funeral Home hearse. El Paso is a three-and-a-half hour drive from the Cibolo Creek resort. Scalia was embalmed at El Paso’s Sunset Funeral Home and flown out of El Paso International Airport on a private plane to Washington, DC.

The funeral director who embalmed Scalia said it is standard procedure to flush bodily fluids, including blood and urine, into the municipal sewage system. Sheriff candidate Melendez said that is not the normal procedure in Presidio County where Scalia died because with a high water table there is always the potential for contamination from sewage system leeching potentially dangerous fluids into the fresh water supply.

Arid desert counties like Presidio take clean water seriously. Someone obviously wanted Scalia moved out of Presidio County to El Paso where there would be no trace of blood or other bodily fluids that could have later yielded clues as to what drugs were in his system when he died.

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