The Schumer Shutdown Tried to Deny THIS from US Soldiers – But The Troops Had the Last Laugh

Schumer Shutdown

Ever since Democrats allowed the government to shut down Friday night, they have made every attempt to politicize the move. True to their mantra of “never let a crisis go to waste,” the Dems took every opportunity to portray a country in crisis, and blame President Trump and the Republicans for it.

The Democrats almost had a perfect scenario to politicize the shutdown, and it nearly came at the expense of the United States military.

After the shutdown took effect, non-essential services went offline, and that included the American Forces Network (AFN), the only option to watch television programming for troops deployed around the world.

The AFN announced Saturday that the NFL championship games would not be televised to the troops because of the shutdown. While many Americans have grown tired of the NFL over the anthem protests and politicization, for troops far from home, football is a welcome reminder of what they fight for.

Just when all looked lost, like any good soldier, the military personnel of the AFN found a way. They realized showing the games was only a matter of flipping a switch, so an intrepid AFN staff member made sure the troops saw the games.

“Great news as Armed Forces Network will air both Championship Sunday NFL games today for our service members around the world,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy tweeted.

ESPN reported on the resolution.

The American Forces Network will broadcast the NFL’s conference championship games on Sunday despite the federal government shutdown.

There was some question about access to the games for the U.S. military after the AFN put a message on its Facebook page on Saturday that its services would not be available because of the shutdown. The network airs American radio and television programming in Europe and other locations outside the U.S.

AFN programming relies on civilian government employees, according to Department of Defense spokeswoman Dana W. White, and they were furloughed at midnight Saturday. Two of AFN’s eight channels — one for news and a second for sports — will remain on.

“Thanks to uniform leadership at AFN, our comptroller and legal team, we were able to turn on one channel based on operational necessity and FY17 funds had already been paid on the contract,” White said in a release. “The sports channel was turned on because it doesn’t cost any more money or manpower to manage a second channel.”

New England takes on Jacksonville in the AFC championship, and Minnesota faces Philadelphia in the NFC championship.

“We appreciate the efforts of everyone who made it possible for our brave service members around the world to get a taste of home and enjoy today’s games,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said in an email.

Here is the tweet announcing the resolution.

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