Scott Baio supports Trump – “He speaks like I speak”


Although Silence is Consent has not officially endorsed a candidate at this time, We have to hand it to actor Scott Baio for this interview along with standing up for Conservative values.

Scott Baio has starred in TV shows such as Happy Days, Charles in Charge and others.

Hollywood is full of sicking, pathetic liberals that will most likely condemn Mr. Baio for his comments. Why? They have always possessed a thug like mentality because they do not believe in ‘free thinking’ individuals. If your opinion differs from theirs, they will with out fail, attack you if happen to disagree with their twisted agenda.

Right before our very eyes, liberals are flushing this country right down the toilet. It’s far past time to turn the tables, take this country back and do it with a vengeance. When Mr. Baio explains why Hillary Clinton has to be attacked relentlessly, we couldn’t agree more with the man.

Clinton is a con-woman. A political criminal with a blind, ignorant following with no regard to what we call research. If these people have indeed researched who this woman really is, they in fact are traitors to the United States of America especially if they still intend on voting for her. Remember who they are because they will be directly responsible for the further destruction of this country.

We as Conservatives have been patient long enough with their fits of childish rhetoric. It’s far past time we not only hit back, we hit them hard. If it happens to be Donald Trump, so be it.

Hillary must be defeated by all means necessarily. Ladies and gentleman, if this means attacking her with everything we have? It’s go time…

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