George Soros

Did you ever wonder why the mainstream media NEVER talks about George Soros? They only scoff when conservatives mention his name and the influence he holds in politics. They prefer he remain a conspiracy theory only, and never shed a light on who he is.

However, nearly twenty years ago, before George Soros was exposed as the mastermind pulling the strings of the progressive/globalist movement, “60 Minutes” gave us a comprehensive look at the mysterious man in politics way back in 1998. It has been largely forgotten, but thanks to websites like, it is seeing new life.

Of particular note is the revelation of how much power Soros wields. “60 Minutes” outlines how he has been able to destroy an entire country’s economy with his moves in the financial sector.

Watch the video and know your enemy, and be sure to share this with others, so the truth is known!

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