Scumbag BuzzFeed Writer Says SICK RACIST Thing About Jeff Sessions’ Granddaughter, Gets Torn Up By Unlikely Source

Jeff Sessions grnaddaughter

Jeff Sessions granddaughter

Liberals accuse Jeff Sessions of being a racist, but have no problem going racist themselves. Case in point: Ira Madison.

Ira Madison is a culture writer at MTV News and co-host of the MTV podcast Speed Dial. He has also written for BuzzFeed, who recently made news by running a “fake news” hit piece on President Elect Donald Trump questioning his ties to Russia. Here is Madison’s Twitter profile picture.

Ira Madison

Madison could not help but show his racist side when covering Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing Tuesday. He issued this tweet after seeing Jeff Sessions’ granddaughter, who is Asian.

Jeff Sessions granddaughter

Such tolerance from the media elites on the left.

The response to Madison was furious, who slammed his joke as racist and classless. Perhaps the most surprising criticism, however, came from an unlikely source.

Sessions’ granddaughter was defended by mainstream media member and Trump critic Jake Tapper of CNN. You heard that right – JAKE TAPPER OF CNN! Tapper often shows his bias against Donald Trump and Republican conservatives, but even he could not stand by and let Madison’s joke slide. Tapper issued this tweet to Madison in response.

Jeff Sessions granddaughter

The world is going crazy when Jake Tapper of CNN is defending the family member of a Trump cabinet nominee. Or perhaps Tapper found some shred of character and dignity. Either way, nice move by Tapper. The “delete your account” is a particularly brutal slam. Having a mainstream media member of Tapper’s stature call you out is not a good career move.

Of course, Madison himself has never had much class as a writer. His articles for BuzzFeed included such gems as “Can We Guess Your Age With Gay Porn?” and “I Am Sexually Attracted to Macklemore and I Need Help.”

Madison is so brave, he protected his Twitter account after the controversy, so the public can no longer see his tweets or communicate with him.

He is still employed by MTV.

What do you think of the Jeff Sessions granddaughter controversy? Let us know in the comments.

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