Sean Hannity and Julian Assange

It could be the strangest “odd couple” in politics, but Fox News host Sean Hannity and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange could be on the verge of working together. If only for a day.

Assange recently hinted on Twitter that he might start a radio show or podcast from the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he is staying to avoid arrest and extradition on various charges. In response, Hannity offered him hosting duties on his radio show for a day.

Even though the two are on opposite sides of the political map, in recent years, Sean Hannity and Julian Assange have shared the same enemy: Democrats and Hillary Clinton. The Obama administration has wanted Assange to face charges for leaking sensitive information, including America’s military secrets. Exposing those secrets would usually earn the wrath of conservatives, but with Obama and Hillary as a common enemy, the American political right has embraced Assange as a hero of sorts.

A team up of Sean Hannity and Julian Assange could be epic for political punditry. The two could be the Batman and Robin of political discussion.

Here are the tweets by Assange and Hannity that got the buzz started.

Newsmax reports.

Fox News star anchor Sean Hannity offered up his big-reach radio show to Julian Assange, the exiled founder of WikiLeaks, for a day.

Hannity tweeted in response to Assange’s tweet that some suggested he start his own show or podcast from his refuge inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Hannity hosts the nationally syndicated “The Sean Hannity Show” every day for 3 hours, and of course is the host of “Hannity” on Fox News in primetime.

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