Sean Hannity Tells Viewers To Fight Fake News – LOOK WHAT HAPPENED

Sean Hannity

If 2017 had a theme, it would be “what to do about fake news?” Everybody says that somebody is lying and the only thing we can all agree on is that lies are being told.  Winston Churchill said a lie could travel around the world before the truth can get its pants on, and in the world of social media, that problem is only exacerbated.

All the anonymous sources and big money backing most of the major TV and print news outlets mean that the lies are circulating a heck of a lot faster than the truth on most days because they’ve got a massive political machine behind them.

Many people think it’s hopeless and that there’s nothing anyone can do about it, but Fox News superstar political commentator Sean Hannity doesn’t think so. He’s got a plan to fight the man, and he thinks we should do it the same way President Trump does – use the social media against them.

Via The Blaze:

Fox News host Sean Hannity called on his millions of viewers Monday night to use the power of social media against what he said were purveyors of “fake news” attacks on the president.

“Finally fighting back,” Hannity said emphatically after playing clips of Trump spokespersons, “and members of the Trump administration they’re beginning to shine a bright light on these dark corners of this fake news industry, and now thanks to social media you can too!”

“Right now the media is living in their little bubble,” Hannity explained. “It is our job to remind them that there’s an America way outside of New York, D.C., Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Tonight, technology is now making it possible for you to take your point of view directly to the source and show America’s elites that the forgotten men and the forgotten women voted for this agenda, and they want it completed, and for them to stop lying to you.”

“Take to the social media, I think you can have a positive impact,” he concluded.

You don’t have to tell Americans twice when it comes to speaking our minds on social media. America hopped to, and the results started rolling in.

It’s good to hear people using their voice.

Not all of the results were in Hannity’s favor:

While these guys don’t agree with what Hannity said, unlike the liberals who want to shut the public up, we’re ok with people disagreeing with us. Speaking your mind is part of what makes America great (again). The idea here wasn’t just to gather the people who will parrot what Hannity says, it was to make sure that those frustrated and looking for an outlet to know that they’re not alone.

Be different, be wrong, disagree, yell and shout, but don’t shut up because one of these days you’ll be right when everyone else is wrong. You might not make a difference if you speak up, but you definitely won’t make a difference if you keep quiet. Because as you know, silence is consent, and I don’t think you’ll want to consent to some of the things that the liberals want for you.

(Source: The Blaze)

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