Sean Hannity: What You Need To Know About the President’s Address to Congress [VID]

President Trump gave his first address to a joint session of congress on Tuesday. He gave a speech that some say would have made a great inaugural address.

The President was clear, to the point, positive and connected well with his audience.  He was even able to bring the sulking democratic side of the aisle to their feet in a standing ovation.

Many Americans, even conservatives, were concerned before the election that Trump wouldn’t be able to handle himself in a “presidential way” were he elected.  Anyone still holding on to that fear should be at peace after the President’s firm showing of leadership and determination.


More importantly than his demeanor though is the astonishing amount of things that the President was able to truthfully say he has accomplished in his short time in office.

Yes, talk is cheap, but this Commander in Chief has followed that talk with actions, and the American people can rest easy that our President is systematically doing what he promised and Making America Great Again.

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