See? Liberals aren’t atheists…

Remember when school kids were taught to sing Obama’s praise?

Well, that was SOOOOO 7 years ago…now they’re singing glory and honor to Hillary. Only this time they didn’t even bother to write an original song. They took an already written song and switched out “Jesus” with “Hillary.”

For instance…

Well, woke up this mornin’
With my mind, stayin’ on Jesus Hillary
Woke up this mornin’
With my mind, stayin’ on Jesus Hillary
Halleluh, halleleluh

Is this a fair way to supplant Jesus? Well, Jesus walked on water, and Hillary can’t even look up television listings with her hand being held.

Liberals would respond that Jesus is make believe…well, if they saw what the emails revealed about Hillary they’d say the same about her leadership capabilities. The difference is Christians operate on faith, liberals see the truth about their incompetent leaders deities and pivot from faith to stupidity…and I’m giving them a lot of credit to say they don’t start and end at just stupidity.

Hillary can’t fill His sandals, just pantsuits. Let’s compromise and say she can be the patron saint of that and give Jesus His song back.

BTW, here’s the correct version of the song

H/t National Sentinel and PJ Media


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