Serial Killer Brutally Rapes and Murders 18 Year Old Girl – Watch Her Father’s Heartbreaking Reaction in Court…

In July of 2013, Van Terry saw his 18 year old daughter for the last time. She was abducted by a serial killer while working a summer job at an elementary school—it wasn’t until later that the police found her body.

The last that Mr. Terry had heard, his daughter was working her usual summer job at Cleveland Elementary School. On July 10th, 2013, however, things took a turn for the worse—when she didn’t return home, her parents began to worry, and later called the police.

“She was a good girl, she was a hugger,” said Rosetta Terry, the victim’s mother. “We used to tease her that we were gonna put her on a hug diet.” Unfortunately, sometime in this world being good-hearted doesn’t guarantee your safety, as it certainly didn’t for this young woman.

Her body was found 9 days later in response to a report by neighbors of a “foul odor,” coming from a nearby garage. Upon investigation, the police found a decomposing body inside—the body of 18 year old Shirellda Terry. NBC reports:

Their bodies were found last week along with that of another woman in a dilapidated East Cleveland neighborhood dotted with abandoned houses.

Rosetta Terry said authorities notified the family Tuesday that her granddaughter was one of the victims. She said Shirellda was last seen July 10, leaving a Cleveland elementary school where she had a summer job.

Rosetta Terry described her granddaughter a caring person who would frequently attend Bible study groups and called and texted her mother.

Police discovered that the garage belonged to an elderly woman, but they were more interested in who her son was. Michael Madison, age 39, was previously convicted of attempted rape in 2002 and subsequently sentenced to four years behind bars. He had also had a previous brush up with the law over drug-related charges in 2000 and 2001.

After receiving a warrant, police searched the suspect’s house and found two more decomposing bodies—indicating that he was a serial killer, who murdered for pleasure. Upon investigation, it was discovered that he raped, and then brutally murdered the three women, all African American, by strangulation. He also defiled their corpses, according to the coroner.

The death of his child devastated Van Terry—they were extremely close, according to family members. So when he got the chance to see this disgusting predator in court, it’s absolutely understandable that he reacted how he did.

As Mr. Terry stood in front of the court room, he became visibly upset—a rage boiled deep inside of him, that most will never comprehend. His daughter, and his entire world, had been abducted, brutally raped, strangled to death, and had her corpse defiled. One can only imagine what this man was feeling as he looked at the man who did this to his daughter.

As they locked eyes, Madison smirked—an evil grin crept along his face, because he knew that, no matter what the court sentenced him to, Mr. Terry would never get his daughter back. In a flash of rage and fury, the man leapt onto the serial killer and began to viciously attack him.

michael madison

“Terry! Terry!” the audience shouted out, but it did no good. The man was blinded by his anger and the loss of his daughter. When security immediately jumped in to restrain Terry, the very man who murdered his daughter let out a maniacal laugh, signifying his complete lack of remorse and amusement at this man’s agony.

While many are saying that the Mr. Terry’s actions were brash and unnecessary, others are proud that the father had the courage to stand up to such a monstrosity. What do you think?

If you think that Michael Madison, who brutally raped and murdered Mr. Terry’s daughter, should be put to death, please give this article a share. God bless.

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