Seven-Year-Old Spoiled Brat PUNCHES a Teacher – So Cops Arrest Him! (VIRAL VIDEO)

viral video

Teachers have a hard job, made even worse when a student goes out of control. That’s why teachers everywhere will likely smile at the viral video below, showing a spoiled brat who was led away in handcuffs by police after throwing a tantrum and hitting a teacher.

The child’s mother, Mercy Alvarez, posted the video on Facebook, and was upset that her son was treated this way by police. She has yet, however, to publicly apologize for her child’s behavior or to the teacher he attacked. Instead, she complains that her child was victimized. “I want that officer to keep it in mind that he will never hurt any child in this way,” she wrote on Facebook in Spanish (translation by Facebook). “A 7-year-old doesn’t deserve to live a situation like this. I ask all my friends to share so that this injustice is known.”

According to Florida law, students who get violent or could harm themselves have to be handcuffed and evaluated by a mental health facility.

The Daily Mail has more.

A Miami mother of a seven-year-old boy expressed outrage on Saturday when she saw her son handcuffed by police after he is said to have hit his teacher and then taken to a mental institution.

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Mercy Alvarez was in tears as she saw her son leave the principal’s office at the Coral Way K-8 Center in Miami escorted by a police officer on Thursday.

The officer handcuffed the boy after school officials said he was acting up.

Alvarez has permitted the media to show her son’s face. She has also stated her desire for the media to disseminate the distressing footage of her son being led away in handcuffs.

‘Do not worry, my love,’ Alvarez tried to reassure her son after he was taken in handcuffs.

She was angry over what she says was a disproportionately harsh response by police to a boy acting up.

‘This is police abuse; a whim of the officer, because my son was calm when they came to look for him,’ Alvarez said.

By state law, if a child meets certain behavioral criteria that would possibly make them a danger to himself and others, police must detain the child and subject them to psychiatric evaluation.

Alvarez used her cell phone to record video of the police detaining her son and transferring him to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

‘He does not have a mental disorder,’ said Alvarez, who works as a television and radio producer.

The chief of the Miami-Dade Schools Police said that while it is not common for seven-year-old children to be led away in handcuffs, it ‘was warranted to prevent his erratic and violent behavior from bringing further harm to others or himself.’

Jackie Calzadilla, a spokesperson for the school district, said that the boy ‘began behaving erratically and hit a teacher.

According to police, the child was supposedly playing with his food in the cafeteria, prompting teachers to remove him.

In the hallway, he then saw his teacher and ‘attacked the teacher by repeatedly punching her on her back,’ according to a school district spokesperson.

Even after the boy was restrained, he continued to throw punches and kicks, police said.

Both the boy and the person restraining him fell on the floor. Nonetheless, police said he continued to fight.

Police said the boy knocked the teacher to the ground.

The teacher who was attacked is planning to press charges against the child.

The boy’s mother, Alvarez, does not believe that her child is strong enough to knock down a teacher.

She says she wants to see video surveillance tapes of her son before she believes the police account of what happened.

The boy has had a history of disciplinary problems.

Last November, he was suspended for 10 days after he threw a tantrum, according to school officials.

His parents say that the reason for his misbehavior is that he was being bullied at school.

Alvarez accused the police of overreacting and traumatizing her son.

Here is the video.

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