Sheriff David Clarke Raises Concerns Over Vegas Shooting: “I’m Suspicious About Everything”

sheriff david clarke las vegas shooting

As the FBI and other government organizations have refused to release further information on the Las Vegas shooting, many have grown suspicious. In fact, Former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke has just broken his silence to speak out on the matter…and what he says is chilling.

Ever since the night of the shooting, Americans have been asking hotels to release the security footage. All it would take to prove the mainstream narrative that Stephen Paddock acted as a lone wolf, would be for the Mandalay Bay hotel to release footage of Paddock lugging the supposed 33 guns up to his room and firing rounds into the crowd.

Much to the suspicion of Americans, they have yet to do so. Other strange coincidences have been racking up as well, like how one woman claims she heard a second shooter in the crowd, and how the receipt for Stephen Paddock’s room appears to have food ordered for two people, suggesting he didn’t act alone.

Silence is Consent also reported that 4chan predicted the Las Vegas shooting, an incredible three weeks before it happened:

Three weeks ago, exactly on September 11th, a mysterious 4chan user by the name of “John” made some startling predictions that are now blowing up the internet. He warned users to stay away from large gatherings in Las Vegas, telling them that there was a “high incident project” coming soon.

An anonymous user posted this warning on the internet forum 4chan, which is infamous for the crowd it attracts. All kinds of folks visit the website, to post comments in complete anonymity, from random script kiddies to high level government informants—and while it’s unclear which “John” was, the information he revealed is shocking.

“If you live in Las Vegas or Henderson, stay inside tomorrow,” he said. “Don’t go anywhere where there are large groups of people—also if you see three black vans parked next to each other immediately leave the area. I can’t guarantee anything will happen tomorrow, but Las Vegas is on their minds.”

As if all this evidence wasn’t enough, America’s favorite patriot, Sheriff David Clarke, just spoke out on the matter saying that he’s “suspicious about everything.” He sent out a tweet just yesterday, saying that he’s been in law enforcement for nearly four decades, and he doesn’t buy it.

He also urged government organizations to “engage the public more,” because without this there is no trust. Thankfully, rather than being met with a swarm of leftist piranhas as he has been previously, he was met with warm thanks from patriots all across the nation.

One woman thanked him for his service to our country, and another agreed with Sheriff Clarke, adding that the FBI is corrupt and it must be the people who uncover the truth. “This is one great American,” one man added, thanking Sheriff Clarke for dedicating his life to preserving the truth and the constitution.

More evidence is coming out by the day, and thanks to people just like you and I, the truth is finally starting to come out. The FBI has yet to release an official statement on the matter, but rest assured that when they do, there will be millions of patriots double checking their work to ensure it’s the god’s honest truth.

If you think that Sheriff David Clarke is an AMERICAN PATRIOT, please give this article a share! Thank you and God bless this country.

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