SHOCK: Good Samaritan rescues crash victims and then gets billed $150 for a bottle of water by first responders

I don’t know if this would happen to someone in a red state, but I’m not surprised this happened in California. They tax EVERYTHING there, why not add good deeds to the mix?

From Fox News

A California man who helped free a family trapped in a van after a rollover crash received a reward for his good deed: a $143 bill.

It all started when Derrick DeAnda came upon the vehicle laying on its side, with a father and his three children stuck inside.

DeAnda heroically broke the windshield to free them before first responders arrived.

He said he was shocked when he later received a bill in the mail from the Cosumnes Community Services District.

DeAnda was was apparently billed because he became a “patient” at the scene when he asked first responders for a bottle of water to clean out a small cut he received during the rescue and paramedics asked him several questions.

The power to “tax” is the power to destroy.

“Why would I want to stop to help somebody if I’m going to get a bill for $150?” DeAnda said to a local station.

This isn’t all that surprising, I mean, the approximately $200,000 range it costs to employ one firefighter in the state has to come from somewhere…right?

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