SHOCKER: Liberal Netflix Under Investigation After Streaming This Disturbing Children’s Content

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We all know that liberals control Hollywood. It’s why every single actor and actress has been coming out attacking Trump—because if they don’t, then the big bad Hollywood executives will make SURE that they never get a job again. In a disturbing twist of fate however, Netflix is now under investigation for what they’ve been caught streaming.

Silence is Consent previously reported on Netflix’s liberal tendencies, noting that they’ve taken a huge bias to Obama. In an attempt to make the Obama family look good to our youth, they’ve signed a multi-year contract with him, in order to make the liberal socialist President look “cool” to children.

Funny enough however, Netflix has been under huge fire recently, after they were caught streaming what appears to be child pornography. No, this is not a joke—in an Argentinian film called Desire, many users have been reporting disturbing content, which they believe should be banned from the video-streaming service.

PJ Media reports:

An Argentinian movie that Netflix offers called Desire is upsetting subscribers because of what looks like illegal content. Viewers on Facebook have shared a clip of the movie and are calling it outright child porn. In the opening scene, two little girls who look to be about seven and nine are playing “horse” on pillows. The older girl begins to obviously masturbate as the younger child watches. The camera even takes this scene into a closeup of the child’s face in slow motion, moving up and down and panting like a porn star. The scene is graphic and includes an orgasm. The film is directed by Diego Kaplan.

PJ Media reported it to the FBI and the Department of Justice, along with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which has launched an investigation.

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The clip is making its way around Facebook, but anyone sharing it should be aware that it is a crime to circulate child porn, even if you are trying to get help for the child. Any further distribution revictimizes the child, and because of that, PJM will not share the video or photos from the movie that show the victims’ faces. The only thing the public can do is report it to the authorities.

What a surprise—a liberal company caught streaming inappropriate child pornography? Conservatives have been saying for YEARS that Hollywood and the movie industry is rife with perverts, pedophiles, and sex offenders, but it seems nobody took note until the recent Harvey Weinstein scandals.

According to the Department of Justice, child porn is clearly defined.

Section 2256 of Title 18, United States Code, defines child pornography as any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor (someone under 18 years of age).  Visual depictions include photographs, videos, digital or computer generated images indistinguishable from an actual minor, and images created, adapted, or modified, but appear to depict an identifiable, actual minor.  Undeveloped film, undeveloped videotape, and electronically stored data that can be converted into a visual image of child pornography are also deemed illegal visual depictions under federal law.

Notably, the legal definition of sexually explicit conduct does not require that an image depict a child engaging in sexual activity.  A picture of a naked child may constitute illegal child pornography if it is sufficiently sexually suggestive.  Additionally, the age of consent for sexual activity in a given state is irrelevant; any depiction of a minor under 18 years of age engaging in sexually explicit conduct is illegal.

By this definition, Netflix is clearly engaging in child pornography, and many are denouncing the video-streaming service and demanding that an investigation be launched. While many do enjoy their free movies though, one thing is for certain—expect to be hearing a lot more about this Netflix investigation in the near future.

If you’re DISGUSTED by the pro-Obama Netflix executives for allowing this type of trash on their video-streaming service, please give this article a share. God bless!

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