Shots fired at Ferguson protest over NEWLY-RELEASED Michael Brown video

New Ferguson protests

Shots were fired this morning at a protest outside of the Ferguson, Missouri convenience store allegedly robbed by Michael Brown before he attacked a police officer and was shot dead.

The new Ferguson protests, some three years after the Brown shooting, are happening because of the release of a new documentary that asserts new video proves Brown’s innocence.

Sunday night, nearly 100 people gathered around the store for a rancorous protest. Around midnight, 7 to 8 shots were fired, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch. The shooter was not caught. Someone, however, stuffed a rag into a police car gasoline tank, in an attempt to set it on fire. The car was not damaged. No one was arrested.

The new Ferguson protests come after the release of “Stranger Fruit,” a documentary that claims new video proves Michael Brown never robbed the store the night he was shot and killed. The documentary maker claims the convenience store video shows Ferguson Market employees and Brown exchanged weed for cigarillos. The filmmaker also claims Brown left the cigarillos to get them later. When he returned later, he had a confrontation with the owner, and police were called.

Here is video of some of the protesters from Sunday, posted on Twitter.

No police officers were harmed during the protests.

Critics say the new video isn’t new at all, and does nothing to prove Brown was innocent. Ferguson police, as well as Brown’s family, have had the video since the shooting. Neither considered it relevant. Attorneys for the Ferguson Market say they never sold Brown cigarillos for marijuana. They claim the video, some 11 hours before the shooting, is edited.

Critics point out that it makes no sense for Brown to trade weed for cigarillos and then leave them there to retrieve later. They claim it was actually Brown’s first attempt at robbing the store. When Brown is seen leaving the cigarillos, however, it is because employees demand he bring them back or pay for them.

CNN reports on the new video.

In this video, the “Stranger Fruit” filmmaker Jason Pollock shows his true colors, as he argues over the video and his claims of drug dealing at the Ferguson Market.

Attorneys for the Ferguson Market say they will release the full video, which they say proves the store was not trying to sell Brown cigarillos for weed. Critics also point out that if indeed the store was making drug deals, they would have never called police to arrest Brown, however, and risk arrest themselves.

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