SHOTS FIRED: Corporal Stephen Ballard’s Killer Has Been ‘NEUTRALIZED’ – House Turned Into Swiss Cheese!

corporal stephen ballard murder

Bear, DE – Delaware State Police Corporal Stephen Ballard’s killer was “neutralized,” after a shootout that started early this morning.

This all started yesterday when shots were fired in the parking lot of a Wawa in Bear, Delaware. It started when Corporal Stephen Ballard approached a vehicle in the parking lot—the suspect must have had something illegal in his car, because he freaked out, pushed away the officer, and open fired.

Kevin Lerner, a witness, said the following:

“When he [the suspect] turned around, he spun around and had his gun already ready and he started shooting.  That officer didn’t look like he was doing anything wrong, but just asking him for his identification or whatever. The guy was moving fast.”

Police arrested one of the vehicle’s occupants at the Wawa, but the shooter managed to get away. After the second suspect shot and murdered Corporal Stephen Ballard, he ran to his home residence, where police surrounded him. The suspect barricaded himself inside of his home, and repeatedly shot at the officers, while they tried to talk him down.

After hours of trying to talk the suspect down, police finally sent in the tactical team, and “neutralized” the target. Blue Livers Matter reports:

“At around 9:17 AM Thursday, the suspect exited his residence and engaged police in a gun battle. Police had him surrounded by armed tactical officers, and they neutralized the f–k out of him.”

“Corporal Stephen Ballard was killed while investigating a suspicious vehicle occupied by two people in the parking lot of the Wawa convenience store at 1605 Pulaski Highway on Wednesday.”

“Delaware State Police Colonel Nathaniel McQueen Jr. said that Corporal Ballard ‘made contact with the occupants and shortly thereafter, a struggle ensued. It was at this time that one of the two suspects exited the vehicle and proceeded to fire several rounds, striking the trooper.’ ”

“A witness described Corporal Ballard falling to the ground, and a suspect continued to repeatedly shoot him. The shooter then fled on foot. The witness described the hero face-down on the ground as nearby citizens rushed over to perform CPR. Corporal Ballard was transported to the hospital where be was pronounced dead.”

The other suspect was taken into custody shortly after the shooting, and helped to identify the other suspect as Burgon Sealy Jr., according to the News Journal. This information has not been officially released, however, so take this name with a grain of salt.

Corporal Stephen Ballard was a 32 year old man, husband, and father. He fought for 8 years serving our country, and was assigned to Troop 2, Glasgow. He was only married for a year, before he was unjustly struck down by this thug.

Family members described him as “a husband, a son, a father, and a loving person, always smiling.” Unfortunately, sometimes the good guys end up getting hurt, but I’m glad that we caught the assailant—he’s going to spend a long, long time in prison.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Corporal Ballard’s family, and if yours are too, please give this article a share.

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