SNOWFLAKE ALERT! Chelsea Clinton TRIGGERED by MAGA photo of Lincoln

Chelsea Clinton tweet

Chelsea Clinton just cannot shut up lately. The former first daughter (and professional millionaire) has been active commenting on political issues lately. Last night, she chimed in on Republicans yet again. Apparently she hates the idea of making America great again.

Clinton’s anger towards Republicans, and Donald Trump is particular, is understandable. After all, Donald Trump beat her mama and said mean things about her papa. For an entitled millionaire snowflake like Chelsea, it must be difficult to cope.

Yet, the mainstream media has been fawning over Chelsea lately, with some openly promoting her as the latest addition to a new Clinton political dynasty. Apparently, the missed the massive repudiation of the Clinton legacy by the 2016 election. All this attention from the media and anyone left of center has empowered Chelsea to take a bigger public role. That includes chiming in on Twitter on various political issues. Sometimes, it doesn’t go over very well.

Saturday night, the Republican party of Palm Beach County, Florida held their annual Lincoln Day Dinner. The cover to their program was unique. As seen above, it featured a “Make America Great Again” cap photoshopped onto Abraham Lincoln. After a reporter tweeted out a photo of the cover, Chelsea lost her cool. Here’s her tweet.

Chelsea Clinton tweet

Chelsea either didn’t think the Republicans in Florida would do something like this, or her sarcasm isn’t very refined. Either way, it’s a very petty thing for someone in her position to even comment on. By getting triggered over little things like this, she certainly isn’t “going high” as Michelle Obama claims Democrats do. Then again, she is a Clinton. “Going low” is in her nature.

Lots of Republicans had fun with it, mocking the Chelsea Clinton tweet at every turn.  Here’s one of them.

Chelsea Clinton tweet

I even took the opportunity to send Chelsea a message.

Afterward, Clinton tweeted several times, insisting she was being sarcastic and claiming that Republicans thought she actually believed it was a picture of Lincoln wearing a cap.

Poor Chelsea. Still in denial.

H/T: Twitchy

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