SNOWFLAKE high school students protest after being offended by PRO-LIFE signs (VIDEO)

Frisco high school protest

A group of students at a Texas high school began marching in protest after being offended by pro-life signs displayed outside of their school.

The students attend Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas, a wealthy suburb north of Dallas. Last Wednesday, a member of the Abolitionist Society of Little Elm, Texas (another nearby suburb) began protesting outside of the school. Todd Bullis displayed a number of signs and posters depicting the very real and very graphic truth about abortion. Photos of baby parts and aborted children were on every sign, in full display for anyone passing by to see.

Bullis said the signs are necessary to show students the true horror of abortion. Some parents, even those who agreed with the pro-life message, felt that a public street where anyone could see the pictures was not the right venue. Children on their way to a nearby daycare and elementary school were also exposed to the photos, angering many parents.

Frisco High School protest

The students at Liberty High School, however, had a much different reaction. Rather than considering what they saw and discussing the issue, they responded in typical millennial fashion.

Students held their protest to the protest, with many mocking the pro-lifers. Some used the protest to distract and block people from seeing the pro-life display. Others just showed up to get attention. Some held signs saying things like “Stop premature Christmas decorating” and “Citizen Kane is overrated.” One kid held a sign saying “My mom makes a great lasagna.” Anything to distract and marginalize the truth of the pro-life display.

The kids organizing the Frisco high school protest of the pro-life display contacted local media to ensure their 15 minutes. Several local TV stations came out to cover the protest. The Dallas Morning News described the counter-protest as “fighting back” against the pro-life demonstrator.

KDFW Fox 4 in Dallas filed this report.

The pro-life demonstration will reportedly continue through the end of the year.

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