Snowflakes call the thought police

Preet Bharara

It seems the ACLU can’t take a dose of it’s own medicine.

Ginger McQueen, senior editor of the Beltway Times and political activist spoke at a local American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) “Stop Trump” training session last week.

During the meeting in a public library, McQueen gave a short speech encouraging “Stop Trumpers” to thoroughly investigate the issues.

She admonished the attendees to, “Think for yourselves, there’s a much larger picture here.”

For her incendiary words, the local police were called. The local police found the situation amusing.

I imagine the call went something like this.

911 operator: 911, whats your emergency?

Snowflake: (screams) Help! There’s some crazy lady here telling everyone to think for themselves! (sobbing hysterically). Please send help now!! She expects too much from us, send an officer quick!

Operator: Ummm, ok, officers are on their way

President Trump, a money making opportunity.

Interestingly, the ACLU seems to have taken a page from the Jill Stein,  “Fleece a Liberal Playbook” and is using President Trump as a fundraising effort.

While doing the research, it was difficult to get past the donations page to find an actual purpose, but this is what I found:

“Across the country, people’s rights are being violated. But with your help, the ACLU can fight back. Right now, we are:
* Fighting efforts to suppress free speech and the right to protest
* Defending people who were unconstitutionally jailed for being too poor to pay court fines
* Working to defend people who are being discriminated against under the banner of religion”

The ACLU, the people who just called the police for a woman expressing a counter argument, wants to fight for your “free speech.”

Insert eye rolling emojii here . . .

Additionally, the ACLU is holding a “Resistance Training” event to launch its new group “People Power.” It seems all the new donors want something to do, so the ACLU is going to lead, “the fight against Donald Trump’s policies not just into the courts, but into the streets.”

They forgot to add, “Only Snowflakes with money need apply.”

It is hard to decipher the bigger irony. Is it people in America who think a rational, logical argument, telling you to think independently is reason to call the police or the ACLU leading the fight against a democratically elected President?

Think that one through.

In the meantime, I’m starting a business selling mercury lined aluminum foil hats to liberals that will block conservative thoughts from seeping into their brains.

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