So, a Democrat thinks Obamacare should be forced onto illegal immigrants…

Is this some kind of reverse psychology trick that I’m missing? I thought Democrats wanted illegal immigrants to come here.

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) says illegal immigrants should not be barred from Obamacare.

Gutiérrez says access to Obamacare is a moral imperative for all, regardless of legal status. He’s introduced legislation that would expand access to President Obama’s signature healthcare law to illegal immigrants.

See the whole story and video at Breitbart.

I kind of see his point. I mean, if (according to liberals) illegal immigrants are coming here to do the jobs Americans wont do then shouldn’t the be allowed access to a health insurance law Americans don’t want?

And how ’bout forcing them to live under the individual mandate?


^ They’ll be covered!

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