SCIENCE! European study of physical strength unlocks why socialists are COMPLETE girly-men!

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Study shows that physically weak men are more likely to be socialist, while stronger men are more likely to subscribe to capitalism.

Given that finding is it any surprise that the face Obamacare was some weenie faced boy wearing pajamas and cuddling up to a cup of cocoa? It also explains why the left is so quick to spurn anything resembling men putting on displays of strength or why “macho” is like the n-word to feminists (both male and female).

A friend of mine once quipped that communism defined is “someone who has nothing and thinks everyone should share.” It looks like it might be true on more than one level.

From The Blaze:

A new study from Brunel University London found that physically weaker men are more apt to believe in socialist policies, such as redistribution of wealth. Meanwhile, stronger men are more geared to believe in the capitalist concepts, such as the idea that people should keep what you earn.

Brunel University academics studied 171 men aged 18 – 40, examining their overall physical strength, bicep circumference, weight, and height. They also noted the amount of time each individual spent at a gym, and examined these variables in light of whether they subscribed more to capitalist or socialist ideologies. They found that the more physically strong the men were, the less they believed in socialist policies, and the more they believed certain social groups should be dominant.

According to The Times, Brunel University’s senior lecturer in Psychology in the College of Health and Life Sciences Michael Price said the study raises questions about the correlation between physical strength and egalitarianism — and also poses something of a “chicken or the egg” philosophical question.

The belief is that weak mean favor “spreading the wealth” for reasons resembling self-preservation.

“We believe that this link between perceived formidability and egalitarianism could be explained in a number of ways,” Price said in the report on Brunel University’s website. “It could be the result of men calibrating their egalitarianism to their own formidability. It could be the case that less egalitarian men strive harder to become muscular. Or there could be a third variable at play affecting both egalitarianism and muscularity.”

This theory does kind of make sense, but here’s why I think there’s something else at play.

Additionally, Price found that stronger men tend to reject the redistribution of wealth, whether they are financially rich or poor.

If the economic status of a person doesn’t effect their views then there has be be something else that is having the overarching effect on why people who work out hold more capitalistic views.

While the rest of the article is spent discussing that there is a possible “caveman mentality” link to beefcakes being capitalistic there is an actual point being missed (which is not surprising since the study originates from Europe): Capitalism is about working, and building up, and reaping the benefits of that. Socialism is about people who wish to reap benefits they didn’t earn.

People who exercise and lift weights come to understand the very same thing about their bodies. I don’t know if it’s conscious, but clearly the concept of earning what you work for translates into views on economics as well.

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