Someone fixed the New York Daily News covers response to the San Bernadino shooting


Below is a correction to the cover The New York Daily News created after the terror attack in San Bernadino.

Whoever created this modified the left side, so it’s not the true original cover. You can see the original cover here.


In fairness to the person (who is almost certainly a liberal, and probably godless) who called this shot on the cover, they’re right. God isn’t going to fix anything for a people who don’t even believe He exists.

How long would any of us do anything for anyone if we were ignored and our existence was even denied?

The hypocrisy and audacity of the left for mocking and denying God, all while lamenting the increasing depravity of society and refusing to accept that the two are connected is a little too much to take sometimes.

We’ve been trying society “their” way for about 50 years. It’s like living in a dark room and everyone refuses to turn on the light…the most frightening thing about that is if we wait long enough we’ll forget it’s even there.

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