Sponsors Who Pulled Ads from Hannity’s Fox Show Over Roy Moore Controversy Now Face Boycott Backlash

As the media firestorm over Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore’s sex scandal intensified, left-wing activist group Media Matters saw an opportunity to take down yet another Fox News personality. The group has led a charge to convince advertisers to pull their commercials from Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, after they claim he offered up a defense of Moore’s alleged actions.

Several companies have already caved to the pressure, and pulled their advertising. In response, Hannity supporters are now launching a campaign of their own, pledging to boycott any company that pulls advertising.

So far, Keurig, Realtor.com, 23 and Me, Eloquii, Nature’s Bounty, and E Trade have all pulled ads.

In response to Keurig’s withdrawal, some people are throwing away their machines and calling for a boycott of their products during the Christmas season.

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Media Matters’ actions are not new. They have targeted Hannity for quite some time, and are hoping the glare of scandal will scare away advertisers and force Hannity from the air.

Hannity did himself no favors when he appeared to say on his radio show that Moore’s alleged encounters with underage girls may have been consensual. However, it appears his statement was just awkwardly worded, and not a defense of pedophilia.

Even Hannity’s interview with Moore on his Fox News show, which Media Matters is using as ammunition for controversy, is being misrepresented by the left. Conservative Ben Shapiro, who is no apologist for Hannity, Moore, or Trump, said the interview was tough.

The Daily Mail has more.

Keurig, makers of the home coffee brewing system, is being boycotted by angry consumers after the company announced over the weekend that it plans to remove ads on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program following his coverage of Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore.

Keurig, Realtor.com, 23 and Me, Eloquii and Nature’s Bounty all said over the weekend that they would no longer run ads on Hannity’s show following his interview with the embattled candidate, prompting a backlash from protesters on social media.

Moore is being accused of having pursued inappropriate sexual relationships with younger women while he was a district attorney in Alabama during the 1970s.

The most troubling of allegations, according to The Washington Post which published the allegations in a story on Thursday, claims that Moore had inappropriate sexual contact with a then 14-year-girl named Leigh Corfman while in his early 30s.

The controversy has ignited Twitter, with sides quickly forming along party lines.


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