State Attorney General issues subpoena to global warming skeptic, gets best response ever…

We’ve reported before on how Attorney General Lynch favors prosecuting global warming deniers and that liberal state Attorneys General are all on the same page with that.

Well, now it looks like they’re trying to make good on the threat (you should always take a liberal at their word on this type of tyranny):

Currently, 16 state attorney generals– all Democrats- are conducting an inquisition to root-out “climate change deniers”- a term coined by the left to denote those who have not bowed to the unethical and tainted “science” that has prompted environmental hysteria.

The attorney generals are investigating whether or not they can proceed with charges against oil companies for allegedly spreading “false” information regarding the alleged crisis that is “climate change,” a catch-all term favored by liberals to encompass any change (or no change) in weather.

To further this investigation, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey subpoenaed Alex Epstein, the founder of the Center for Industrial Progress (CIP), a for-profit think tank. Healey’s subpoena was part of the bigger investigation into ExxonMobil. Healey was demanding 40 years’ worth of documents pertaining to communications between the oil giant and various think tanks like Epstein’s.

This is the response anyone  who gets subpoenaed for this should give (emphasis in bold is mine):

Epstein, the author of “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels,” was not pleased with receiving a subpoena to be part of the environmental inquisition. So, the scholar offered a blunt and simple response to the attorney general: “Fuck off, fascist.”

That was it. That was the entirety of his response.

At the risk of being like Buzzfeed I really just have to respond with this gif…

I hope everyone answers in this way while the first amendment lasts.

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