State Department BETRAYS American People – DOUBLES Current Refugee Acceptance Rate!

Refugee Welcome

The New York Times has reported that the State Department will nearly double the rate of refugee admissions to the United States for the balance of fiscal year 2017, from 830 per week to 1,500 per week.

Despite repeated efforts by the Trump administration to put an end to “refugee,” resettlement, the State Department (AKA the swamp) has refused to step in line. The Times reported on Friday that there will be a “near doubling of refugees entering the country,” and that “tens of thousands of refugees are waiting to come to the United States.”

“President Trump has sought to lower the ceiling on the number of refugees annually allowed in the country to 50,000 from 110,000. Mr. Trump’s executive orders on immigration, the first of which he issued on Jan. 27, also sought to suspend all refugee admissions for at least four months. Federal judges stayed those orders, but the confusion over them has contributed to a falloff in refugees entering the United States.”

“While 13,255 refugees were admitted in August, that number plunged to just 2,070 in March. So far during the 2017 fiscal year, 45,732 people have been admitted, just a few thousand short of Mr. Trump’s proposed cap.”

“Refugee groups now predict that entries into the United States could increase so rapidly that the total number of refugees admitted by Sept. 30, the end of the fiscal year, could exceed 70,000. That is well below the 84,994 refugees admitted in fiscal year 2016, but not by nearly as much as many advocates had feared.”

Although many refugee advocates are delighted by this decision, the Americans who value our own citizens over others are furious. Many Americans have pointed out that these refugees are anything, but—independent reporters such as Mike Cernovich, for instance, have proven the “refugee crisis” to be a hoax propagated by Globalists.

Accord to Danger and Play, the documentary film maker’s blog:

  • 70% of “refugees” are able-bodied young men. Few women or children were present.
  • Refugees are told which countries offer the most benefits and told to avoid countries that offer less free stuff.
  • Refugees are instructed to fake medical conditions.
  • Refugees are taught how to avoid being finger printed and how to avoid the law.
  • Refugees trashed the train station [in Budapest] and made no effort to clean up.

In addition to this, President Trump was elected under the platform of curtailing immigration, so for the State Department to blatantly block his decisions is an outright act of treason against the people of the United States.

Breitbart adds that “It is unclear if the State Department made this upward adjustment with the knowledge and approval of President Trump. The Department of Justice, however, was apparently consulted.”

They say that if the rate of refugee admission continues “…at the 1,500 per week level reported by the Times for the remaining 18 weeks of FY 2017, the total number of refugees admitted in the United States during FY 2017 will be 72,996.” Although this isn’t as many as Obama resettled in 2016 (which was nearly 85,000) it’s still a lot more than many Americans want.

When we still have veterans on the streets, American citizens out of work, and corruption in the “Swamp,” as it’s known, many are asking the question: “Why are we prioritizing other people over our own?”

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