STONEWALLED: State Department to keep Hillary’s emails on TPP sealed until AFTER the election

In a nutshell, the State Department is basically refusing to process a FOIA request on documents that would prove Hillary Clinton is a liar (once again) regarding her role in crafting the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

She was for it before she was against it and the documents would prove how “for” it she was.

Per the report below, normal FOIA requests from State take 111 days, this particular request will have taken 489 days provided it’s completed on the promised date of November 30, 2016…AFTER the election. (Surprise!)

Liberals have a REALLY nasty habit of revealing inconvenient truths AFTER you can’t do anything to hold them accountable. If there’s a way to get this done ahead of this date I hope someone finds it.

You can see the email chain referenced by Jake Tapper here.

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