Student targeted for being white, harassed and beaten while school did nothing…

There was and is a long history of racism in America, it’s not all that different from every other civilization in world history. The reason the United States has been one of the few, if not the only nation, to be exceptional in this regard is because we recognize and have literally shed blood to rectify it.

It’s not perfect, but even with liberals, starting with Barack Obama, fanning the flames it has been better than most who have come before us.

One of the most obnoxious issues regarding race relations today is the refusal to acknowledge that “reverse” racism exists. Really, the term is obnoxious in and of itself because it connotes that real racism is white on some minority group, and that anything else is sort of a less significant subset of that.

The truth is racism just is, and there isn’t just one dynamic of it. This case reported by the New York Post is so interesting, because if it sets a legal precedent then maybe we can start having a more honest conversation about what racism really is.

A white student at a predominantly Hispanic and black Long Island high school says he was targeted for punishment over his race — punched, hit with a chair and repeatedly called “cracker” and “white boy” — while administrators did nothing to protect him.

Lawyers for Giovanni Micheli, now 23, aim to convince a federal jury that their client was singled out as a “minority” in Brentwood High School and then told by school officials, most of them white, to either “project more self-confidence” in order to stem the beating and berating — or leave….

Micheli sued the Brentwood School District in 2010, and the trial opened Monday in Brooklyn federal court…

Officials later turned down the family’s request to have the increasingly depressed and withdrawn student moved to another district…

Finally, staffers ordered that he leave campus as a safety precaution.

Basically, it’s like this. As long as white people (liberals) are too filled with guilt over injustice they didn’t perpetrate, and as long as minorities are filled with self-righteousness that they’re incapable of the very hate their ancestors have endured things will never begin to get better.


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