Students Retaliate after high school BANS THE AMERICAN FLAG

high school flag ban

In yet another example of bureaucratic political correctness run amok, a high school in Virginia banned the American flag from being flown on cars and trucks. Students at the school, however, made sure the story did not end there.

Todd Starnes of Fox News reported on the incident. The ban started Monday at Dinwiddie High School in Virginia. With all the problems high schools face today, it seems their priority is on restricting the display of the American flag.

Daniel Nunnally, Jr., told television station WRIC he was pulled out of class and told to remove not only Old Glory but also the Gadsden flag.

“I kind of started getting angry because what’s the problem with the American flag,” Daniel told the television station.

Daniel is not the kind of kid to cause trouble, so he did as he was ordered to do — and retired the Stars & Stripes.

Word spread after reporter Parker Slaybaugh posted the story on his Facebook page and the following day more than a dozen students showed up to class with the Star-Spangled Banner proudly flying on their vehicles.

The school district said the flags were removed because of “safety concerns.” They told the television station they feared a student might not be able to see out the rear window.

Students, however, did not take the ban lying down. After the show of defiance by other students, and the media coverage, the school changed course. The ban was rescinded, and the flags can remain on vehicles.

WRIC in Dinwiddie County reported on the high school flag ban, and the response.


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