*STUNNING VIDEO* Captain Clay Higgins Calls On Fellow Officers to Uphold Oaths Amidst National Chaos

The era of orchestrated anarchy in the United States is reaching a fever pitch, as our corrupt government officials side with violent criminals and rioters. High-ranking law enforcement bureaucrats are issuing stand-down orders to their forces, while illegal aliens and communists assault innocent Americans, loot and burn down private businesses, and hunt down officers and destroy their vehicles.

Even the Thin Blue Line is being divided between those who are openly rejecting their oath to uphold the Constitution and to serve and protect, and those who are raising their voices and taking a stand for the rule of law, at high cost to their own careers, security, and personal lives.

Louisiana Captain Clay Higgins is one of those great patriots who has laid it all on the line. Earlier this year, he released a video that quickly went viral. In it, he directly addressed violent gang members who were being sought by his Sheriff’s department in connection with heinous and vicious crimes, warning that they would be hunted down and prosecuted. Due to the fact that the named fugitives were black, the ACLU quickly went into action and applied enough pressure to cause Captain Higgins to voluntarily resign his position, rather than surrender to the demands of that subversive organization and their clients.

Captain Higgins has accepted his calling to be a powerful and righteous voice in the wilderness. His recent passionate call to action in defense of the American way of life at the Liberty Summit in Fresno, CA, will undoubtedly be spread far and wide, as it has been interspersed with horrifying footage depicting the rise of the fascist left’s Neo-Sturmabteilung, and the brutality and chaos they have birthed in our great nation over the last 18 months.

Our nation faces a great season of challenge. Some of the challenges that we face are particularly heinous.

‘Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.’

‘Peaceably to assemble’ – did that appear to be ‘peaceably’ to you?

At what point, as a nation, did we allow this type of destructive, violent, threatening, intimidating criminal behavior to exist?

The conservative patriots, the loving, compassionate Americans – we’ve been too quiet, and in many ways, we’ve allowed our nation to fall. But enough is enough. We’ve had enough of the burnings of our cities, the murdering of our officers. We shall not stand further without courageous action to correct these heinous issues in our nation.

For too long we’ve allowed ourselves to be led astray. Our trust has been betrayed by career politicians who no longer serve We the People. They strictly serve their own personal agenda and insidious lust for power and money.

There was a time in our nation, not long ago, when grievances were addressed with a modicum of peace and respect for our fellow man. Those Americans are not ‘protesters.’ Gandhi was a protester. Martin Luther King was a protester. Nelson Mandela was a protester.

The men and women that you observed in that video are violent criminals, and should be treated as such. In the process of making those arrests, their Constitutional rights should be unwaveringly observed. They should be referred to as ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am.’ They should be incarcerated in a just and fair jail, where their rights are continually observed, and they are respected as an American citizen and a child of God, with the hope for the redemptive nature of their own spirit, and the faith that they too, one day, can become a productive American citizen, respectful for the rights of others.

Yes, we believe in the redemption of our fellow man, but we’re going to arrest them when they act like that.

I’ve made a couple of thousand arrests as a civilian police officer, but I’ve never put myself above a man or woman I’ve arrested. I love my fellow man, and I serve the American citizenry.

To my brothers and sister of the Thin Blue Line, hear me when I speak to you directly: When you step away from your patrol car, you carry the Constitution engraved upon your badge. An attack upon you, is an attack upon our nation. An attack upon you, is an attack upon the Constitutional principles that your badge is supposed to represent.

Your job began with an oath, and that was not to a chief, or a sheriff, or a marshal. Your oath is to the Constitutional principles that your badge is supposed to represent. Only by strict adherence to the codes envisioned by our forefathers and inscribed upon our Constitution; only by a clear understanding of the spirit of patriots that have gone before you, will you be worthy, if you’re prepared, to wear your badge according to the dictates I’ve just described.

Stand your ground. Do so with the moral authority to exercise your Constitutional rights and duties as an American citizen and a certified police officer serving your community, your state, and your nation.

To the chiefs, sheriffs, and marshals that are present – I ask you to hear my spirit. Listen to my words:

If I worked for you, before my squad car would be stomped and burned and flipped, the magazines in my pistol would be empty. And if I faced my God that day, I’d do so knowing that I left this world with courage, standing for the Constitutional principles, and defending the citizens that I’ve sworn by my very life’s blood to defend and protect.

– Captain Clay Higgins 5.21.16

Captain Higgins recently announced that he is now running for an open U.S. Congressional seat.

“I’m not running for office. I’m descending into the belly of the beast the leviathan of biblical proportions that has become our federal government… I understand what it is to choose between paying for rent and buying your groceries. I’ve wept at the crushing feeling of an eviction notice. Your pain is mine and it’s shared by every loving American.”

Originally published at Western Free Press

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