Subhuman Thugs Go On Irma “Looting Spree” – Immediately Regret It When They See Who Was Waiting For Them

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Hurricane Irma has been wreaking havoc amongst Floridians, after tearing through the Southeast coastline and devastating nearly every major city in its wake. Many disgusting thugs have used this as an opportunity to go on crime sprees.

Some break into stores and steal whatever goods they can get their hands on, while others burglarize homes and steal precious belongings of an evacuated family. Either way, these are absolutely vile human beings who deserve to be thrown in jail—and thankfully, local heroes were there to do just that.

A group of Florida scumbags broke into an Orlando sporting goods store, and attempted to take advantage of the abandoned property. Thankfully, however, thanks to local police, they were met with absolute disaster—a fate which they entirely deserve.

Daily Mail reports:

At least 32 people have been arrested across Florida for trying to loot empty businesses and homes that have been evacuated in preparation for Hurricane Irma – 28 alone in Miami, according to local authorities.

Two people burst into an Orlando sporting store and allegedly stole guns, before facing off with SWAT in a standoff.

Shocking videos also emerged of gangs trying to break into stores and take advantage of deserted properties.

Police were called to the scene after witnesses reported a burglary at Academy Sports near the Mall at Millenia in Orlando, WESH reported.

Soon afterward, SWAT team officers arrived when it became clear the looters were allegedly trying to steal guns.

These sick and twisted goons were trying to steal guns, in order to create even more chaos amongst the ruins of Orlando. If these animals had gotten their hands on AK-47’s, AR-15’s, and God knows what other guns were in that store, this would have been a recipe for disaster.

After discovering that the SWAT team had been sent to deal with them, some of the thugs surrendered, not wanting to deal with the armed and deadly men of the special police unit. One man, however, barricaded himself in the store.

At least one person surrendered while another barricaded himself in the store and refused, according to WFTV.

SWAT officers reportedly used gas to subdue at least one suspect. 

Soon afterward, Orlando Police released a statement announcing that officers took two suspects into custody and that the event was ‘peacefully resolved’. 

The response by police is indicative of the new commitment to law and order that President Trump has brought with him into office. Finally, we have a man in office who isn’t willing to take any chances, and is willing to do whatever it takes in order to create peace in our cities. If this had happened during the Obama administration, we would’ve gotten some long, drawn-out speech about how these looters were simply victims of the system.

Conservatives know better, though—these thugs chose their actions, and they chose their actions carefully. Those looters made the decision to break into an abandoned store, right after thousands of families had been displaced by the disaster brought about by Hurricane Irma…and now, they’re paying the price.

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