Surprise! Prosecutor in battery case against Trump’s campaign manager is a Hillary supporter.

Actually, this is no surprise at all. These cases against anyone right of center seem to always be drummed up and prosecuted by Democrats.

I’ve seen the video, and the picture of the bruises on the accuser, former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields. I have no dog in this fight, I don’t care how it gets resolved, frankly.

My simple observation is that he probably did touch her (despite Lewandowski’s claim to the contrary), but I also agree that it will be tough to prove it was battery. It looks to me like he was doing what he needed to do to catch up to the boss, as they were clearly separated by the way the crowd was moving.

Maybe he did something untoward to Fields. Maybe. Now he and the campaign are painted into a corner, and being the brawlers they are they’re putting up the fight. Right or wrong that’s just the situation.

The Florida prosecutor who brought battery charges against Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, supports Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president.

An article published by the Palm Beach Post on Nov. 17, 2015, has been circulating since Tuesday evening because it lists Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg as a member 150-member Florida Leadership Council, which was established by the Democratic Party to promote Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy.

The article states that Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg and Tax Collector Anne Gannon “are also part of Clinton’s Florida team.”

Hillary for prosecution, not president! Join the sizzling campaign to put Mrs. Clinton where she really belongs

Mike Cernovich, writing Tuesday in the blog, cited the Palm Beach Post article in arguing the charges against Lewandowski were politically motivated. He contended “there was no assault,” because reporter Michelle Fields “was heading towards Trump and was brushed away due to security concerns.”

Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg’s office hasn’t yet weighed in on what it will do, Bob McGovern reported in the Boston Herald on Wednesday.

“That’s probably because this high-profile case will be tough to prove in court. In Florida, you have to show that Lewandowski ‘actually and intentionally’ touched Fields against her will.”

h/t WND

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