SURPRISED? A Facebook Executive is Leaving the Company – To Help Elect Democrats

Facebook bias

As Facebook is embroiled in controversy over changes to its newsfeed, which many say is censoring conservative news, one executive is jumping ship. He is landing right on his feet however – at the doorstep of the Democratic party.

Gary Briggs is chief marketing officer for Facebook  – for now. He’ll be leaving soon to pursue other interests, including advising the Democratic party.

The move only fuels conspiracy theories that Facebook has a bias against conservative speech on the site. One thing is clear – their move to phase out “fake news” from the site seems to only be targeting conservative news sites.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has demonstrated liberal leanings, while COO Sheryl Sandberg was exposed by Wikileaks as a dedicated Hillary Clinton supporter in an email to John Podesta in which she said “I still want HRC to win badly. I am still here to help as I can.”

And now we know the head of Facebook marketing likely brought his political bias to the office. Recode reports.

Facebook CMO Gary Briggs is retiring.

Briggs, who joined Facebook in 2013 from Google, announced his plans to leave the social giant on his Facebook page Monday afternoon. Briggs, who reports to Facebook’s top product executive Chris Cox, says that he’ll stick around at the company and help hunt for his replacement.

Retirement doesn’t sound like it will be very quiet for Briggs, though that’s how he framed it. He says he hopes to advise a few companies — he’s already advising finance startup Lending Club and the craft brewery, Lagunitas, according to his LinkedIn — and also wants to sit on some boards. He even intends to get into politics. “I plan to help the Democratic Party on some efforts leading up to the U.S. midterms this year through to 2020,” he added.

Briggs’s departure is notable, in part, because very few senior executives ever seem to leave Facebook. It also comes at a time when Facebook is fighting to improve its outside reputation following its unintentional role in the 2016 presidential election, in which Russian sources used Facebook to spread disinformation.

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