LIES EXPOSED: Susan Rice changes her story, still denies wrongdoing (VIDEO)

Susan Rice scandal

Former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice has changed her tune on the unmasking of names on intelligence reports tied to President Donald Trump. However, Rice still denies any wrongdoing, claiming her actions were not politically motivated.

In an exclusive interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell this morning, Rice changed her story from two weeks ago. On March 22, Rice told Judy Woodruff in an interview for PBS that she KNEW NOTHING about the unmasking allegations being investigated by House intelligence committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes. “I know nothing about this,” Rice said at the time. “I was surprised to see reports from Chairman Nunes on that count today. I don’t know to what Chairman Nunes was referring, but he said whatever he was referring to was a legal, lawful surveillance and it was potentially incidental collection on American citizens.”

Today, however, Rice told Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC that she did unmask names, but she did not leak the names. In addition, she also claims none of her actions were politically motivated.

To his credit, CNN’s John King took note of the flip-flop. In this video clip, he called out Rice on the inconsistencies. In addition, he states “Not to be a jerk here, but will the real Susan Rice please stand up?” See for yourself.

Here is the full video of Rice’s interview today with Andrea Mitchell.

Mitchell’s handling of the interview is already taking criticism. Many are asking why she had no follow-ups on her questions. Most are asking why she did not confront Rice on her statements to Judy Woodruff two weeks ago.

The media refuses to report the story

In an interview with Fox News’ Melissa Francis today, former George W. Bush White House press secretary Ari Fleischer questioned the lackadaisical attitude among the media towards the story.

Some of the problem with the coverage of the Susan Rice scandal is her personal connection to some in the mainstream media. In fact, Rice herself is married to Ian Cameron, an executive producer with ABC News. It should be no wonder, however, that ABC News had no mention of the Rice story on their main news page or on their political page in recent days.

This afternoon, in an interview on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on Fox News, Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) said criminal charges should be filed over the Susan Rice scandal. “She dug a hole for herself, and she kept digging today,” he said. “I think she needs to come in front of the Congress and in front of the intelligence committee, and the FBI, they need to be investigating the leaks, because they are criminal offenses. I think if they can establish a connection…I think she’s going to be in a world of trouble.”

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