Suspect in Toronto Terror Attack Has Been Identified (VIDEO)

Alek Minassian

We know the suspect in the Toronto terror attack that killed nine and wounded 16 is identified as Alek Minassian. However, until now, all we had was a name.

Independent journalist Laura Loomer, however, has put a face to the name. Someone matching the name Alek Minassian who lives in Toronto has a Linkedin page, and Loomer says this is the same individual identified by police as the suspect under arrest.

We have not been able to independently verify Loomer’s claim, and authorities have provided no additional information on the suspect besides a name and age: 25 years old.

The Linkedin page says Minassian is a student at Seneca College in Toronto, and the person on the page seems to be the same age range as the suspect, 25.

Images of the suspect arrested today are not clear enough to provide any answers.

An Alek Minassian is also listed as a developer for an app that helps people find parking spaces in Toronto. However, this has not been verified as the same individual.

People with the same or similar name on social media are being threatened and harassed, so we urge everyone to refrain from making online threats.

The name Minassian is Armenian, and could be traced back to Lebanon. This is not always the case, however.

Here is Loomer’s tweet.

This is video of the suspect being arrested.

This is a developing story.

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