Tantaros Suing Fox News For “Character Assassination” – SEX SCANDAL UPDATE

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Andrea Tantaros, a former Fox news host, has recently filed a lawsuit against Fox news contributor Nomiki Konst and a Fox executive.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday, April 20th, in the New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan. Konst called out Andrea Tantaros over Twitter, on the 18th of April, and she didn’t take to it very kindly:

According to Western Journalism, she’s claiming that the Tweet was an intimidation tactic:

“Tantaros filed suit claiming not only that the comment was defamatory but that Fox News public relations executive Irena Briganti ordered it sent as part of an effort to intimidate Tantaros, who has refused offers to settle her major lawsuit against Fox.”

“The lawsuit notes that on Tuesday night, Tantaros contacted Fox News contributor Pete Snyder and accused him of running a smear campaign against her on behalf of Roger Ailes, who was ousted as Fox’s CEO and who is featured prominently in the sexual harassment suit Tantaros filed against Fox.”

“Not longer afterward, Konst sent the tweet that Tantaros found objectionable.”

“ ‘The timing of the Konst tweet, one hour and 17 minutes after Tantaros’s counsel informed Snyder’s counsel that Tantaros would be going forward with her lawsuit against Snyder no later than April 20, 2017 — is highly suspicious,’ the lawsuit reads.”

“The legal papers go further and claims “Konst had a strong motive to do Briganti’s bidding because Konst desperately wants to appear regularly on Fox News.”
released to Law Newz read. “I have never even met or spoken with Ms. Konst.’ ”

This lawsuit is being filed after nearly 9 months of separate sexual harassment allegations, mainly claiming that Roger Ailes, the ex-CEO of Fox news, abused his power and later fired women for refusing to sleep with him.

According to KSAT, an ABC-affiliated news network, a large number of female anchors and employees have also complained of sexual harassment by Ailes and/or O’Reilly:

  • Gretchen Carlson, a former Fox News host, says she was terminated for “Refusing Ailes’ sexual advances.”
  • Megyn Kelly claims that Ailes made unwanted sexual advances towards her a decade ago
  • Laurie Luhn, a former Fox News booker, says that she’s been harassed by Ailes for more than 20 years
  • Laurie Dhue, an anchor from 2000 to 2008, won a lawsuit against Fox, claiming that O’Reilly and Ailes harassed her
  • Julie Roginsky, a contributor at Fox news, claimed she was refused a position due to her denying Ailes’ advances

In addition to this, the New York Times released a bombshell on April 1st, reporting that five women have received settlements from O’Reilly, Fox News, or 21st Century Fox since 2002, totaling roughly $13 million.

As of now, they’re doesn’t seem to be any tangible evidence. There’s no audio recordings, no video footage, and no DNA evidence, either. Yet, when so many women are all telling the same story, that they were fired for refusing Roger Ailes’ sexual advances, it does seem to beg a lot of questions.

Tantaros has claimed that the entire organization “masquerades as a defender of traditional family values, but behind the scenes, it operates like a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult, steeped in intimidation, indecency and misogyny,” which is a very bold accusation. Only time will tell whether or not such an accusation is true.

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