TASTELESS: Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Melania Trump with Cheap-Shot Jokes (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel has elevated his career recently by criticizing President Trump directly on issues ranging from Obamacare to gun control. This week, however, Kimmel stooped to a new low, attacking First Lady Melania Trump with a series of jokes that would have been widely condemned if they had been directed at any other woman.

On Monday, the White House hosted the annual Easter Egg Roll, with the President and First Lady in attendance. Kimmel showed video of the event, and then took a series of cheap shots that would never have made it on the air if they had been about Michelle Obama.

The Easter Egg Roll is organized by the First Lady, and Kimmel joked that Melania likely didn’t do one thing to help and organize it. Kimmel also joked that the only thing Melania has been working on is an “escape tunnel,” making light of spousal abuse.

He then showed a clip of Melania reading from an Easter-themed book to a group of children, and then began mocking her accent.

Kimmel’s audience seemed to have no problem with the jokes, roaring with approval as he mocked the First Lady.

At a time when any sort of belittlement of women is widely and forcefully confronted, the lack of outrage against Kimmel’s jokes is telling.

Here is video of Jimmy Kimmel’s comments about Melania Trump.

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