Teacher Assigns Anti-Police, Anti-Trump Marxist Indoctrination Homework

Originally published at Western Free Press by Jennifer Glen

At a time when the nation is already fraught with racial and law enforcement tensions, it seems that there are those who wish to inflame the narrative based on their own agenda.  Taking this ugly indoctrination a step further, the teacher also assigned a vocabulary worksheet designed to sway students politically.

An eighth grade Ohio middle school teacher, whose identity has yet to be released, created a vocabulary lesson for their students using fill-in-the-blank words to create charged, anti-police statements.  The assignment, titled, “Vocabulary – Police Brutality Day 4,” offered students a “word bank” of terms to use in order to properly complete a sentence.  It also says that “the numbers don’t lie…,” yet fails to mention the higher crime rates of blacks than whites.

After the Day 4 assignment emerged, the same woman on Facebook allegedly also got her hands on Day 3’s work page.  Lo and behold, an anti-Trump vocabulary lesson, bundled with Ferguson’s Michael Brown, designed to breed fear amongst the students and cast shame upon Trump-supportive parents.


Hamilton City Schools Superintendent Tony Orr said the teacher was simply challenging students to use critical thinking skills while discussing current events.

However, some parents say that was not a good enough explanation.

“She did NOT offer an assignment that allowed the student to think critically. Offering a word bank to fill in the blanks is NOT critical thinking. This assignment was not created to allow the students to apply or analyze information or use it to create something new. It was used to give information to students no matter how slanted the information,” one parent wrote.

Superintendent Orr confirmed that the teacher was still employed but would not respond to news outlets about possible disciplinary action.

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