Ted Nugent is ONE DEPLORABLE guy, He RIPS into HILLARY

Ted Nugent isn’t buying into Hillary Clinton’s nonsense, he decided to pound her into dust — and all it took was the one simple word he kept repeating. Nugents most recent statement may be his best yet.  After Hillary recently decided to refer to “1/2 of Donald Trump’s supportors” as a “basket of deplorables,” The Nuge isn’t having any of it.


When asked if he has been following the presidential race for the last few weeks, Nugent said: “I really, really cherish the fact that I was born in America, but to be an American, you need to earn it, and by earning it, we have to perform our ‘We The People’ duty. So I’m on top of everything going on out there, the communist Bernie Sanders and the lying felon Hillary Clinton, and certainly the middle-finger boogie by Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. I happen to love those gentlemen. And nobody’s perfect, but in a world where the Democrats actually put up a felon and a communist, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump almost look like Michael The Archangel.”


More Ted Nugents comment as follows:

“According to one of or quite possibly THE most deplorable, dishonest, lying, cheating, thieving, America hating scam artists of all times, Hillary Clinton, my family, friends & all really good, productive Americans are deplorable.

Deplorable because we know we should enforce our immigration laws.

Deplorable because we don’t want to allow anyone into America without first knowing their background and what they believe.

I’m deplorable because, unlike the legions of politically correct zombie supporters of this nasty criminal Hillary, I know political correctness in all its various machinations is a public cancer that rots free expression & is destroying the very foundations of America.

Deplorable because I believe Fedzilla give-away programs are soul rotting addictive dope that creates dependent addicts of sheeple.

I’m deplorable because I know the daily engineered recidivism gun-related violence in Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Newark & South Central and other urban runaway punk centers is the result of a lack of responsible parents in the home—not easy access to guns.

Deplorable because I know President Obama has done less for black Americans than any other president in modern times.

I’m deplorable because I know that less government is best government.”


Ted Nugent is a Michigan native who grew up in Palatine, Illinois, Nugent, 67, began his career in 1963 with the psychedelic rock band the AMBOY DUKES before embarking on a successful solo career spanning five decades. His current United States tour is called “Sonic Baptizm 2016”. Nugent is aso known for conservative politics and hunting and outdoor advocacy.

It is no secret Hillary is willing to lie about every little thing – even her health – in order to get what she wants,  how can anyone trust her? I know I don’t.


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