PATHETIC: Celebrity blames Trump for personal problems and demands he pay a specific medical bill for her

Chrissy Teigan cry face

Model Chrissy Teigen goes on an anti-Trump Twitter tirade, blaming him for her apparently numerous medical issues.

I’ll bet if you look at her picture long enough you’ll know which bill she wants Trump to pay…

Teigen (if you are asking yourself “who?” I sympathize. Google needs social media meltdowns from Hollywood snowflakes like her) complained of needing to increase her dosage of some unspecified medication she apparently uses to cope with the fact that Donald Trump is president.

Her little social media screed didn’t reveal any specific issue or policy that was causing her angst. That’s a good sign that she doesn’t actually pay attention to politics so much as she’s virtue signaling an interest in politics, albeit an extremely vapid one, by doing the equivalent of asking us “how ’bout this weather?” since everyone in Hollywood either contributes to the liberal echo chamber, or they’re mute. (I was going to say brain-dead, but that’s an affliction they all)

As an aside actually asking about the weather in southern California is also an exercise in vapidity because there isn’t any, not at least until God finally sends the rain of cleansing fire they so richly deserve…

Check out Teigan’s tall glass of whine below:

Teigan Trump Twitter rant

I think the entire thing was “politics aside” since she never actually made a distinctly political statement. It’s nothing but ad hominem, so there was nothing to tonally or substantively about this rant to set aside unless you remove her taking Botox and replace it with a Ritalin and Haldol milkshake.

In (totally undeserved) fairness to Teigen, Botox really does have medical/dental uses outside of keeping Nancy Pelosi from being mistaken for an extra on The Walking Dead. So as her tweet indicates, her use of it isn’t as vain as it may seem. That said, it isn’t Trump’s fault that she can’t control her jaw any more than it is her fault that mine was clinched shut reading her idiotic tweets. Besides, she can afford her own Botox therapy, or rub up on Pelosi for a less invasive and expensive, yet more emotionally scarring Botox contact high.

Some of the reactions to this have been priceless.

Teigan Trump Twitter rant responses

Teigan Trump Twitter rant responses

I’m with Twitter user @olinecoacher, I can’t even remember how or why Hollywood crammed her into the spam folder of my psyche in the first place.

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h/t The Gateway Pundit

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