TERRIFYING: This Country Just Started Microchipping Its Citizens Overnight

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For years, conspiracy theorists have been warning of a futuristic dystopia where citizens are microchipped like cattle, having their every move watched by an Orwellian government. Unfortunately, this may not be as far off as we’d like to think.

NBC News predicted in 2007 that all of America would be microchipped, and while they were wrong about the country, they got their prediction right. Natural News reports that Australia has officially become the first nation to start microchipping their citizens.

America isn’t far behind, however. After the Wisconsin-based company Epicenter began offering free microchip implants to its employees, thousands of conservative groups and right-wing outlets began raising privacy concerns.

Several amateur hackers who attended the Black Hat DC Conference recently have already begun to point out the potential for abuse. One security researcher, who wished to remain anonymous, has warned citizens that they should be “absolutely” worried.

How then, are these microchips being passed off with the public’s consent? Under the guise of convenience, of course. Never mind the fact that government agencies could track your whereabouts at every moment, and maybe even gather your DNA in the near future.

“You could set up your life so you never have to worry about any passwords or PINs,” one Australian woman said, after getting both of her hands implanted with microchips. “My friends are jealous,” she said, while adding that her “Nana wants one.”

The idea is that microchip implants give you a unique identifier, so your implant can be used to get into locked doors, transfer personal information to smart phones and other personal devices – and, of course, allow you to be tracked everywhere you go by government.

Why would anyone voluntarily want to do that? One word, says one microchipping recipient: “Convenience.”

As bad as it is to carry cards around that transfer personal and financial data to massive (hackable) databases and smartphones that serve as personal tracking devices – again, out of convenience – you at least have the option (for now) of leaving them behind when you go somewhere.

You don’t have to take a smartphone with you, or at minimum you can learn some ways to better protect your information. With cards, if you must carry them, there are devices you can use to essentially shield them from ID thieves and tracking devices.

But once you put a tracking device under your skin, the only way to get rid of it is to have it surgically removed, or hack off your limb.

Would authorities actually track you for no reason? It’s already being done.

As Edward Snowden exposed in 2013, the NSA has been tracking our information for years…all without our consent, and all under the guise of fighting terrorism. Leaked documents have revealed that with the metadata which our government has been collecting, they can accurately predict your patterns and future.

They know where you get your coffee every Monday through Friday before going to work. They know what type of personality you have. They know what websites you visit, and most importantly, they know how likely you are to rebel if they start cracking down on freedoms.

Citizens never have their rights taken away directly—there’s always an excuse. Whether it’s to “fight tyranny,” or for the sake of “convenience,” does not matter, because the end goal is the same: to obliterate any and all chance of rebellion, and to control humanity with effectiveness the likes of which this world has never known.

This is extremely important information—please share this out to alert every man, woman, and child what we’re up against. Thank you and God bless.

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