BREAKING LIVE VIDEO: Westminster terrorist attack leaves four dead, many injured in London

Westminster terror attack

UPDATE: Reports say the suspect is Muslim Abu Izzadeen, a British spokesman for Al Ghurabaa, a British Muslim organization banned under the Terrorism Act 2006 for the glorification of terrorism. He has been an outspoken critic of American efforts against radical Islam. This is Izzadeen in recent photos.

ORIGINAL POST: This morning, a knife-wielding terrorist used his car to launch an attack near Parliament, leaving a trail of destruction including Westminster Bridge and the Palace of Westminster. The attack resulted thus far in four dead and multiple victims, including three police officers with “catastrophic” injuries.

According to the Telegraph, an Asian male attacker drove a grey Hyundai across Westminster Bridge and into the gates of the Palace of Westminster. Numerous people were injured with the vehicle. The assailant then got out of the car wielding a large knife. He was shot multiple times by police officers as he attempted to stab a second police officer. Here is a picture of the suspected terrorist posted by the UK Daily Mail.

Westminster terror attack

Fox News reports the incident has been declared a terrorist attack by Scotland Yard. The attacker was seen being administered CPR and taken away by ambulance. No update is known regarding his condition at this time.

The injuries to the innocent bystanders have all been described as serious or “catastrophic.”

See a live feed of the incident here.

Currently, police are attempting to decipher whether the attack is the result of a “lone wolf” or if there is a more coordinated attack planned.

The only question is, how many “lone wolves” does it take for Europe to finally call it a wolf pack?

Our hearts go out to the families of those affected.

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